Auscom Electrical is a premier electrical contractor for the electrical industry in Australia. We specialize in building relationships with our partners, providing exceptional customer service with courtesy and trust.


Our knowledge and experience provides you with stability, speed and consistency.

Today, our services include industrial, commercial and residential services, 

specialising in a full range of electrical solutions from electrical design to installation, maintenance, construction wiring and Air Conditioning.

We have experience throughout a wide range of industries including retail, construction, mining and engineering.


Our success and growth are due to customer focus.

  • Safety is always our priority

  • We provide a 24 hour, & day a week service.

  • Auscom Electrical has a strict OH&S policies and workplace procedures.

  • Auscom Electrical works closely with clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Auscom Electrical will continue to grow, with our goal being customer focus.


At Auscom Electrical, we believe the quality and reliability of our service is the basis upon which we can develop long term relationships with our clients.  Our qualified staff will provide assurance for your business and your electrical needs.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about how your electrical needs can be met.